LoRa Smart Valve

Wireless Water Valve Control

ATLAS LoRa smart valve is a premium quality and custom designed battery operated valve with embedded LoRa LPWAN wireless technology.
With very low power consumption, it provides comfortable communication without obstacles at very long distances even in urban areas for 10+ years.
The Atlas LoRa Smart Valve, which can be connected to a pressure or humidity sensor, can send notifications or alarms in any external situation. You can intervene in this situation instantly with your smartphone or computer.

- Features :

  • Long range, wireless, battery-operated LoRaWAN valve
    Ultra low consumption (10+ years)
  • Resistant to tampering, fraud
    Ready for IoT (compatible with all Internet of Things platforms)
  • DN10 (3/8 ”) – DN80 (3”) – larger valve sizes using additional board
  • Two-way deep indoor communication
  • Industrial quality (PN25, IP67, 140 ° C / 60 ° F)
  • Extreme range connections: 15+ km / 10 + mi. In the residential area – 2+ km / 1+ km, in urban areas – 22+ floors inside buildings
  • Available in close position with minimal flow (50L / s drip) and “slow close” pressure
  • Free Android / iOS mobile app