- Wireless Water Valve Control

Enabling or disabling water services for customers is a time consuming process. Field staff typically need to drive to the customer location and manually turn the water valve on or off. This takes valuable time away from urgent maintenance projects and adds costs to water operations.
By implementing a remote shut-off valve using existing cellular networks, utility staff reduce truck rolls, decrease unauthorized water consumption, and improve revenue collection.

ATLAS is technologic irrigation solution provider to farmers, growers, greenskeepers, irrigation contractors, landscapers and local government municipalities.
The ATLAS smart valves also comunicate to our LoRaWAN Gateway meaning the device can function as a wireless meter reading system as well as a remote valve control solution.

- Utility Benefits

- Customer Benefits

End-users can remotely schedule water service shut-off when they will be traveling or on vacation. This avoids unauthorized water use or accidental leaks when no one is available to monitor water use.
This not only helps protect property from costly water damage, but it also increases customer satisfaction of their water services.
Customers also receive a text communication notifying them that water service is slated to resume and to turn off any open faucets or valves in their homes to avoid flooding events.


Wireless Water Valve Control